We sell apples year-round

New Season Apples: Honeycrisp, Macoun, Cardinal, Cameo, Stayman Winesap, Jonathan, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Empire, Mutsu, Melrose, Fuji, Holiday, Granny Smith, Goldrush, McIntosh, Gala, Cortland, and Jonagold. Learn About Each Variety

Produce Currently Available:

Currently Available Produce: Apples (Sage-Grown), Bosc Pears (Sage-Grown), Winter Squash - Acorn, Butternut, and Buttercup.
Local Products: Cooper's and McCrucheons Local Jam and Jelley, Fowlers Mill Mixes, Fresh Apple Cider, Middlefield Cheese, Pure Maple Sryup, Sages Apple Butter, and much more.

apple bags

Our apples are sold by the quarter, half, and full peck bags. We offer firsts, which are the largest, nicest, and most tasty apples. Seconds might have some small bumps or imperfections or softer. Deer apples are sold for our creature friends in larger bags; these might be very small, have large bruises or be too soft to sell to eat.. All of our apples are hand picked and we don't pick any off of the ground. For the freshest and crunchiest apples, please store them in your refrigerator or other cold spot. Keep them wrapped in the plastic outer bag and add a damp paper towel to retain moisture. We are pretty fanatic about the taste of our apples and want you to enjoy them too!

inside our market

We sell apples, they are our specialty. Come try all of our offerings! Our "liquid gold", also known as fresh apple cider, is another big draw. There are lots of other wonderful foods in our market too. Come check out various local vegetables and fruits, and some of our other Sage grown offerings. (We have the world's best sweet corn, peaches, berries and green beans in the summer months.) We also have a large selection of locally made jams, baking mixes, honey and maple syrup. You can always find a yummy snack or two for the ride home.

Seasonal Fruit

We grow other fruits too! We harvest blueberries, peaches, pears, plums, and also offer strawberries, grapes, rasberries,and blackberries.

Locally Produced

We are open daily selling our apples and produce as well as other local produce, condiments, and snacks. We welcome you to sample all our apple varieties. Sweet Corn begins July 4th weekend with Southern Ohio sweet corn. Our SageGold and other varieties begin in the middle of July. We pick our corn daily first thing in the morning so it is always fresh.

  • Apple Butter

    Apple Butter is a richly concentrated apple spread, perfect on toast or from the jar. We offer regular (sweetened with brown sugar and maple syrup), or diet ( no sweetener), as well as cinnamon in both types.Our apple butter is home produced by Dee's Jam and only Sage's Apples are used.Sage's Apple Butter

  • coopers Mill

    Cooper's Mill produces jams and jellies in Bucyrus, Ohio. websiteCoopers Mill

  • D&A Honey Farm

    Enjoy local honey from a local bee keeper. D & A Honey Farm

  • Dee'S jam

    A local baker and jam maker, Dee sells her jam in our market. She makes jam year round from fresh and local fruit she freezes. Dee's Jam

  • fowlers milling company

    A local milling company producing delicious mixes for all of your baking needs. websiteFowlers Milling Company

  • Ella Gingerich

    A local Amish baker who makes our granola and yummy cashew brittle. These home made candies are amazing.

  • Maple Syrup

    We sell only Geauga county maple syrup. Our syrup comes from several sugar bushes in the county and is always lite amber grade. Maple Syrup

  • middlefield original cheese house

    Cheesemakers specializing in Swiss Cheese. We offer a good variety of their cheeses but if you are out for a drive don't miss their store in Middlefield. websiteOriginal Middlefield Cheese House

  • Minus G

    Minus G is a locally owned company uniquly specilizing in gluten free mixes that actually taste great. websiteMinusG

  • rowdy cow creamery

    Fresh and Flavored Milk that will make everyone happy. Hastings Dairy Farm in Burton Ohio offers great tours and you can buy directly from their farm. websiteRowdy Cow Creamery

Seasonal Gallery

Sage's Apples changes every day through the seasons. These photo galleries attempt to help you see the beauty as foods grow and mature.